James Worthy Explains Why Warriors Would Be Destroyed By The Showtime Lakers


This past summer, Los Angeles Lakers legend and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson stated how his showtime Los Angeles Lakers would have demolished the Golden State Warriors. His comment came in reaction to his former teammate Mychal Thompson stating the Warriors would absolutely beat them.

“I admit this: We would shoot. And we shot eight 3s a game. They make eight 3s a quarter,” Mychal Thompson said Monday on the Thompson and Trudell Show on ESPN LA 710. “Golden State would outscore us 50-15 on 3s. So how are we supposed to win? So I agree with Klay, I think they would beat us. We couldn’t keep up with them offensively because of the way they can score so quickly.”

Another former teammate that disagrees with Thompson is James Worthy, who stated the Warriors would have no chance.

“If you’re Steph Curry, you’re going to have to guard me or Magic Johnson, there’s no other way around it. We put in lineups to expose you on the other end. Then we bring in a guy like Michael Cooper, who’s the “minister of defense,” Byron Scott was another one. If we played the way we played, which was physical and clean but tough, I just don’t think it would be a contest.”

 Worthy continued.

“You’re not going to win with offense, not back in the day,” he added. “I know it’s a quicker game, I know it’s a three-point game, but you still have to defend and rebound.”

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