Marcus Foligno Makes Some Time to Fix His Hair During a Fight Against Shawn Thornton (Video and Tweets)


You have to love how nonchalant Marcus Foligno is about 30 seconds into this scrap with Shawn Thornton.

After getting his helmet ripped off during a fight, the Sabres forward runs about 4 or 5 cursory checks on his hair before getting back into things with the guy trying to punch him.

Here’s the video of Foligno remembering to make time for what’s REALLY important:

And, with every action like this comes an equal and opposite reaction from fans who either think this is the greatest thing in the world or the worst thing to ever happen to sports:

And, of course, since it’s something that happened (and was subsequently viewed on the internet), it’s time for a meme!

The majesty of Foligno’s coifed mane quickly takes Thornton to the ground, ending the fight safely for all involved.