Matt Barnes Officially Divorced; Must Pay $10K Per Child in Child Support, No Spousal Support

Matt Barnes

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It’s been a rough year for Sacramento Kings F Matt Barnes, as he had to deal with his ex-wife dating his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Derek Fisher, beating him up, and threatening to beat him up again.

Just this month alone, Barnes was involved in an NYC nightclub altercation that left one man bloodied and filing suit against him and teammate DeMarcus Cousins.

Just when he thought it was over, his divorce from ex-wife Gloria Govan was finally finalized and it will cost him thousands of dollars.

“Matt Barnes is officially a single man … and all it cost him was HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS … TMZ Sports has learned.

Barnes and Gloria Govan broke up in 2014 after 1 year and 11 months as man and wife. They have twin boys together who were born back in 2008. 

Things were amicable between the two at first, but their relationship took a massive hit in 2015 when she rebounded with Matt’s ex-teammate, Derek Fisher … and y’know … they fought.

Now, we’ve obtained court docs that show Matt and Gloria are officially divorced — and they’ve both agreed on child and spousal support.

For the kids, Matt paid $5,000 per son per month in child support in 2016 … but that number goes to $10k per kid per month moving forward until the kids are 18.

For Gloria, Matt paid her $20k per month in spousal support from Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2016, totaling $240,000. And that’s it. No more spousal support from 2017 on.”

At least the spousal support is gone. Silver linings.

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