MMA Fighter Michael McDaniel Doesn’t Get Touched, But Somehow Gets KO’d (Video)


Last month, Australia’s Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) was in Brisbane to kick off their 28th show. The fourth bout of this 13-fight card occurred in the middleweight division, where James Vake took on a fellow Australian in Michael McDaniel.

Halfway into the first round, Vake was trying to end the match quickly by putting McDaniel in a rear-naked choke. Eventually, however, McDaniel was able to escape danger, get back to his feet, slam Vake on the mat, and throw a couple of punches before pulling away.

As soon as Vake got up and the ref signaled for the fight to continue, McDaniel passed out in the ring as medical staff jumped in to see what was wrong. He eventually regained consciousness, but the fight was already over.

**Fast forward to 3:40**

After the fight, XFC provided an explanation:

“An unfortunate scene followed, which doctors have diagnosed due to a lack of oxygen to the brain during McDaniels submission escapes,” XFC’s post explained. “XFC is pleased to say that [McDaniel] is fit and healthy, and in the process of getting his medical clearance.”


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