Throwback: Steelers LB Joey Porter & Friends Jump Bengals OL Levi Jones in Vegas (Video)


You may think you know how bad the Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry with the Cincinnati Bengals is…until you remember the time Steelers linebacker Joey Porter and a few of his friends took that rivalry to new heights when they spotted, jumped, and beat down Bengals OL Levi Jones at a blackjack table in Las Vegas back in 2007.

The irony in this is that commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t need to see the video to access punishment on Joey Porter—but we all know what happened during the Ray Rice incident.

Here’s what Levi Jones had to say about the incident way back then:

Jones called it a “cowardly act,” the Enquirer reported.

“[Porter] got my attention from the front and wouldn’t get near me until the six guys jumped me from behind, [then] he took part,” Jones told the Enquirer. “What started everything was the dude hit me from behind. From then on, I had to protect myself. I was attacked by seven guys. I don’t know what man is going to withstand that, especially with an NFL player involved.”

“It was like that, it was problematic for me and my family, especially when the true story wasn’t out there,” Jones told the newspaper. “The particulars about how everything went down, I mean, ESPN, all they wanted to report was Joey Porter hit me in the face.”

Jones, who did not need stitches, would not say if he would file a civil suit, the Enquirer reported.”

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