Western Kentucky Uses a Very Small Running Back to Scramble for 53 Yards after a Fake Kneel (Video)


The crafty Western Kentucky Hilltoppers are at it again, folks!

Pretending to kneel to run out the clock in last night’s historic, iconic, Boca Raton Bowl, the Hilltoppers—who have a history of last-minute sneakiness—closed out the first half against Memphis by taking a knee…OR DID THEY?

(They did not.)

They actually faked a knee, then had the QB bust around the line of scrimmage while a small running back, Anthony Wales, took the ball around the other end, cruising for 53 yards.

Here it is:

Unfortunately, Western Kentucky threw an interception on the very next play, but that didn’t stop the previous play from being great…for a second or two, anyway.

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