Matthew Stafford & Wife Adopt Family of Killed Detroit Police Officer Myron Jarrett (Video)


I’m not sure how this man was snubbed as a Pro Bowl player this year, because Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford has looked like an MVP both on and off the field.

Stafford and his wife wanted to do something special to help the family of Detroit Police Corporal Myron Jarrett, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver during a traffic stop Oct. 28.

“He and Mrs. Claus – his wife, Kelly – adopted the Jarrett family for Christmas and delivered gifts to their home on Wednesday morning.

They couldn’t do it Christmas morning – the Lions will be a bit busy trying to clinch a playoff spot – so instead they arrived Wednesday morning for an early Christmas.

“Matthew Stafford and his wife are so sweet and he’s so down to earth. He’s such a regular guy, I didn’t know. He came to my home, he seemed like he was very comfortable there he communicated with my kids and I just appreciate what they did for my family this Christmas,” Sacha said.”

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