After Calling Out ‘Fatherless’ Former Players, George Karl Now Says The NBA Has a Steroid Problem

demarcus cousins-george karl handshake

Former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl is coming out with a new book called ‘Furious George.’ Last week, excerpts were taken from that book detailing his issues with former players on the team.

He took shots Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin for being ‘fatherless’ and not having someone to show them how to be a man.  He also took shots at J.R. Smith’s father for telling him to shoot anytime he gets in the game no matter what.

He caught so much hell for it, not only from the guys mentioned, but from other former players who played for him as well, like PG Chauncey Billups.

This week, more excerpts from his book have been released and it detailed how Karl thinks the NBA has a huge steroid problem and nothing is being done about it.

“(The NBA has a more) thorough drug-testing program than the NFL or MLB, which we always brag about,” Karl writes in the book, as transcribed by PBT’s Dan Feldman. “But we’ve still got a drug issue, though a different one than thirty years ago.

“And this one bothers me more than the dumbasses who got in trouble with recreational drugs. I’m talking about performance-enhancing drugs – like steroids, human growth hormone, and so on. It’s obvious some of our players are doping. How are some guys getting older – yet thinner and fitter? How are they recovering from injuries so fast?”

“Why the hell are they going to Germany in the offseason? I doubt it’s for the sauerkraut,” he writes, without citing a specific player. “More likely it’s for the newest, hard-to-detect blood boosters and PEDs they have in Europe. Unfortunately, drug testing always seems to be a couple steps behind drug hiding. Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test. I think we want the best athletes to succeed, not the biggest, richest cheaters employing the best scientists.”

Karl was fired last year after constantly bumping heads with Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins.

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