NBA Now Says Durant Was Tripped & LeBron Should Have Gotten T’d Up For Hanging on Rim

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

After the Golden State Warriors had blown a 14-point lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 4th quarter on Christmas day, there was still 3.4 seconds left for them to win that game.  But before they could get off the game-winning attempt, Kevin Durant went crashing down to the floor, ending all hope.

After the game, he acknowledge that he fell, but stated he had some help getting down there.

I fell, and I didn’t fall on my own,” Durant said afterward, per Chris Haynes of

On Monday, the NBA agreed with him and stated Richard Jefferson should have been called for a foul on Kevin Durant on the final play of the game.

That wasn’t all.

When LeBron James went charging to the hoop for a poster slam over Draymond Green & Durant, he held onto the rim for a few seconds, but no technical was called. The NBA also stated that should have been a technical foul.


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