Kid Rips Off His Kaepernick Jersey When He’s Gifted An Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey For Christmas (Video)


On Christmas, a young football fan got the surprise of a lifetime when he opened one of his gifts and saw he received an Odell Beckham Jr. jersey.

He was so ecstatic that he immediately took off his Colin Kaepernick jersey to put the Odell jersey on.

The clip went so viral that Odell eventually saw it and shared it on Instagram with a message.

“When I tell u it’s these moments that make everything worth it, the ups and downs of life in general. The drama and unnecessary bs i go through on a daily basis. I just wanna thank God for being able to impact lives, young man get this jersey to me somehow. I’ll make sure to sign it for u. Truly truly blessed. #HappyHolidays”


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