Richard Sherman Threatens To Stop Holding Press Conferences: ‘It’s a Privilege to Have Me Up here’

Seattle Seahawks v New York Jets

Last week, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman revealed that he yelled at coaches for throwing on the goal line during the game against the Los Angeles Rams.  That prompted him to go on a tirade towards a reporter who asked if he had a ‘better handle’ of what should have been called.

“No, I just had a, we had a prior experience (the Super Bowl) so we talked about it,” Sherman replied. “But let me guess — you have a better play to call. Let me guess, you have a better experience.”

“You don’t want to go there,” Sherman said. “You do not. I’ll ruin your career.”

Fast forward to Wednesday and Sherman is still going off on reporters, threatening to opt out of his weekly press conferences since he isn’t appreciated.

“I’ll think about it. It’s a privilege, for me to go up there, you know. Not everybody appreciates it like you do,” Sherman said via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune.

“I’m just going to make sure that people, you know, it’s a privilege to have me up there. So, (you’re) gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

Here’s the full transcript of what he said:


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