Alabama Football Player Blew Off His Finger With a 12-Gauge Shotgun

Alabama v Wisconsin

While most players are either getting ready to play in a bowl game or opting out of playing in a bowl game, one Alabama player won’t be able to play because he got shot.

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Dakota Ball will not be playing in Saturday’s Peach Bowl against the Washington Huskies because he accidentally shot his finger off with a shotgun.

Yes. He Cheddar Bob’d himself. TMZ has the details:

“Ball — whose left hand was wrapped up at a Peace Bowl Media Day event on Thursday — explained the accident occurred 2 weeks ago during a hunting trip with a friend.

“I shot my finger off with a 12-gauge shotgun,” Ball told

“I was tying a rope around the barrel and around the stock to keep the shotgun from falling out of my lap … I was tying rope around the barrel and it just went off. I didn’t have my hand on the trigger.”

“I shot it right at the knuckle and blew it off.”

Ball was hospitalized and released the next day.”


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