Cris Carter Said Dez Jumped in His DM’s After 3 TD Game to Talk Trash: ‘Don’t DM Me Anymore’ (Video)


Former Minnesota Vikings WR and hall fame player Cris Carter has beef with Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant.  He spoke about it on Fox Sports’ ‘Undisputed’ when he told Skip Bayless to tell Dez not to DM him anymore after Bryant attempted to talk trash following his 3-touchdown performance against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

“There was only 59 players targeted 90 times this season. Dez is the absolute worst…[He] only caught 52% of those passes. The worst in the NFL. The worst!” Carter exclaimed during a segment of FS1’s Undisputed on Thursday. “…Listen. I’ve done some work with Dez and his people and everything. Dez wants someone to be a fan. He wants someone to pat him on the back. But the truth of the matter is as far as people they targeted 90 times this year, Dez Bryant is the worst in the NFL!”

While speaking to Skip Bayless:

“Well if you got some advice for him, tell him to don’t DM me anymore because I got something for him,” Carter said. “[Bryant] gonna DM after a game telling me ‘watch the tape’. That’s all I do is watch tape. He tried to [DM me], talked about his family and everything. No problem. You want to take care of your family, when they target you 90 times, catch more of the balls.

“Because that’s your job.”

Dez’s response on Twitter, which has since been deleted:


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