91-Year-Old Marv Levy Willing To Coach Buffalo Bills Again (Video)

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I know it’s hard to believe but the Buffalo Bills weren’t always as bad as they’ve been over the past decade or so. After firing coaches Rex and Rob Ryan earlier this week, the team is looking for some worthy candidates that can get the franchise out of this funk.

How about the greatest coach in Buffalo Bills history?

That’s right, 91-year-old Marv Levy may be looking to make a comeback if the Bills are interested, even though he hasn’t coached since 1997.

“I might do it,” Levy said to 104.5 The Team. “It was one of those things where after forty seven years of coaching I really needed to get that deep breath to step aside but after a couple of years passed I very much would have liked to come back…. But I’d do it but I’m not deluding myself to think that the offer would come. If the offer did come I sure would consider it. Sure.”

Levy posted a 112-70 record with the Bills, leading the team to four Super Bowl appearances.

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