Ex-Jets Teammate Woody Blasts Revis For Saying Future With Team Depends on Being Treated With Class


New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis has had an absolute terrible season, as many receivers have bought a home and stayed multiple nights on ‘Revis Island’ in 2016.

Revis made headlines on Thursday when he stated his future with the team depended on the team treating him with class.

“Would I love to be here? Yes,” Revis told Mark Cannizzaro of The New York Post. “Will I be back? That’s a great question. My thing would be this: Do the New York Jets want to treat my situation with class or no class?

“With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here? That’s the biggest question. It’s black and white. It’s not very complicated.”

“I’ve been one of the best cornerbacks to ever play this game,” Revis said. “I’ve done a lot of things in this league that a lot of guys currently playing are chasing now. I’ve impacted the game in a way where it was like, ‘Hey, he doesn’t give up any catches to the No. 1 (receiver).’ I set a precedent. So, I’ve done enough. Obviously, everybody’s a little bit concerned because that’s not what I’m displaying anymore. I can’t stay 24 (years old) forever. Every player ages in this game. You’ve got to understand that.

“Now, can I still play? Yes, I can still play. This game is a love for me. It’s like a girlfriend. And we’ve been dating for a long time – many years. She’s been great to me and I appreciate it. I love my girlfriend.”

Former Jets teammate Damien Woody, now an ESPN analyst, was baffled by those comments and blasted Revis on Friday.

“What the hell is that, man?” Woody said, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN. “He said (that) about the New York Jets treating him or his situation with class. Football is a cold business. It’s just purely results-driven. Doesn’t matter who you are.

“Everyone knows, watching the season, Darrelle hasn’t had a good season by any standard. You could question effort. There were times where he turned down tackles. All the off coverage. Receivers are not even scared. They go in like, ‘Revis Island? Man, I’m about to kick up my feet and have a daiquiri.'”

Woody made it clear that Revis lost all of his leverage this year due to his poor performance.

“All this stuff about the organization not treating you with class, after the two holdouts, the fact that they signed you to that big deal to come back home, what are you talking about? I’m not understanding. Help me understand, please. I’m trying to figure this out, the whole class thing. I’m trying to figure that part out, because where along the line did the Jets not show class?”


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