Pats TE Martellus Bennett Goes on Rant About ‘Bacon’; Says it Over 30 Times (Video)


Like most people in this country, New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett absolutely loves bacon. He loves bacon so much that he had to mention it over 30 times during a recent interview with reporters.

It started with Bennett stating that no one in their right mind likes Canadian Bacon.  That’s when he went on a rant about loving bacon.


Oddly enough, the interview began with a subject that had nothing to do with bacon.

“It all started when Bennett was asked how he overcomes frustration and adversity during a season in which he doesn’t strike gold.

“I just take my metal detector and look somewhere else and dig again,” he said. “Hopefully, I find gold there. If I don’t find gold there, I find another spot and I start digging. That’s life. I never really get frustrated without finding gold. You don’t hit gold every time you dig. Otherwise, everybody would have stayed out West when they went for the gold rush. A lot of people went back.”

When Bennett was told that some went to Canada, he played along.

“I know, I bet they wish they didn’t do that,” he said, laughing. “No one likes Canadian bacon.”

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