Bart Scott Says Marcell Dareus Must Be Stupid or High If He Couldn’t Learn Rex Ryan’s Defense


Buffalo Bills head coach and his brother Rob were both fired last week after the team missed the playoffs yet again.

The Bills $100 million nose tackle, Marcell Dareus blamed their firing on the complex system that put in and how hard it was to figure out.

Former NFL linebacker Bart Scott, who played for Rex on two different teams, recently ripped Dareus for the amount of money he makes and not being able to learn this easy system.

“That might sum the whole thing up — because that’s the guy that you gave $100 million,” Scott, an NFL analyst these days, said on “The DA Show,” referring to a six-year extension worth $108 million Dareus signed in 2015. “Instead of reading his play book, he was too busy lighting up. Are you serous?”

“First of all, I’ve been in this system my entire career. Eleven years, I’ve been in this system,” said Scott, who played with Ryan in Baltimore, too. “As a defensive lineman, you only have like four (or five) fronts. Man, if you can’t remember five fronts, I don’t know what to tell you, bro. We can’t put the play book in crayon.”

Dareus tested positive for marijuana this season and got himself suspended for four games because of it. Scott wasn’t done ripping into him as he explained that he had several teammates with learning disabilities that could figure out a system that he apparently can’t.

“I can explain to you the entire defense,” Scott said. “(One) call might be ‘Bull Fire Zone.’ What’s the first letter of bull? … Boundary. (The pressure is) coming from the boundary. That’s all Dareus has to know.

“I’ve had teammates that were special needs in high school and college. I played with at least four teammates that were dyslexic and they picked it up. So Marcell Dareus needs to be re-evaluated. I don’t know what his Wonderlic was, but for him to say that defense was complicated, I don’t know.”

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