Cody Garbrandt Mocked Dominick Cruz By ‘Pop Locking’ In Middle Of Fight At UFC 207 (Video)


Cody Gabrandt made easy work of Dominick Cruz and took his UFC bantamweight title in unanimous fashion.

Before the fight, Cody promised to embarrass him after Cruz took shots at his girlfriend.

“He’s so desperate to get me fired up, to get me out of my game plan but he doesn’t know that I’m an emotional fighter but I used controlled aggression. I grew up this way. That’s how we talked to each other,” . “But at the end of the day when the 8th period bell rings you can say all you want, get the school all hyped, but I’m going to (expletive) your ass up behind the school. That’s what it is. When that first bell rings, all that (expletive) is done.”

Saturday night in Las Vegas, he did just that as he started pop locking during the middle of the fight after dodging a barrage of punches from Cruz:



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