Ohio High School Basketball Parents/Students Brawl In The Stands (Video)


Just another case of parents behaving badly.

After the Generals-Minutemen boys basketball game on Friday, a game in which Lexington lost 63-41, a bunch of fans/parents/kids got into a verbal altercation that got extremely physical and involved multiple people.

News Journal sports reporter Connor Casey, who was covering the event, said the fight began around 9 p.m. as fans were leaving the gymnasium shortly after Lexington lost the game. The final score was 63-41.

Officers from the Lexington Police Department who were working the game requested backup as several people were involved in the altercation, according to a news release from police. Police said there were some minor injuries but none required medical treatment.

One person was briefly detained to determine if they were involved, but no charges had been made as of Friday evening. The incident remains under investigation.

Casey captured a portion of the fight on video and said it appeared the fight began behind the scoring table with adult fans from both teams. Students from Wooster then became involved, he said.

Both teams were held in the locker room until the altercation ended, Casey said. He estimated the fight went on for a few minutes.”


The second angle is even better:

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