Ronda Rousey’s Mom Thinks She Should Retire And ‘Let Stupid People Get Punched In The Face’ (Video)

UFC 207: Nunes v Rousey

After a sudden and brutal end to her comeback, most people believe Ronda Rousey will retire after her second consecutive loss at the hands of Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

TMZ managed to track down Ronda’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, and although her daughter hasn’t confirmed anything, she would love nothing else but for her daughter to retire and ‘let stupid people get punched in the face’.

“I think making snap decisions like that is probably not the best idea, so I don’t know,” she said when asked if her daughter would retire. But she certainly wouldn’t mind it if she did. “I would like to see her retire. I would have liked to see her retire a long time ago. Who wants to see their kid get hit? She’s got a lot of talent in a lot of other things. Movies, writing, producing, she’s really smart. I told her that at the very beginning when she started this, I said ‘You’re smart and beautiful, let the stupid people get punched in the face.’ Sorry, stupid people!”

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