Browns Coach Hue Jackson Vows, ‘We Are Not Going 1-15 Next Year’ (Video)

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

If it wasn’t for the San Diego Chargers delivering a Christmas gift late in the year, the Cleveland Browns were well on their way to being the first team to go 0-4 in the preseason and 0-16 during the regular season.

Just one day after completing a tumultuous season, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson vowed that the team would never go 1-15 again under his watch.

”We are not going 1-15,” Jackson said. ”No, or I will be swimming in the lake over there somewhere. That is not happening. I just know me too well. I know me and I know these guys too well. We are not going 1-15 next year, OK? You can write it if you like. Hue Jackson said it. We are not.”

”Amen,” said Browns vice president of football operations Sashi Brown.

Jackson was forced to make six different QB changes after Robert Griffin III went down week 1 and didn’t return until week 14. RG3 signed a 2-year deal and the Browns have to decide whether to pay him a $750K roster bonus in March or let him go and find a new quarterback.

”We are going to find a quarterback that is going to come here and play winning, championship football, but I think it is too early to talk about `Do you have him yet?’ Do you not have him yet?”’ Jackson said. ”Here comes the draft. Here comes other opportunities to add more players to our team. My job and our job is to make sure we have them here. Obviously, we are 1-15.

”Everything would say maybe we don’t, but I think you also have to put it all into the pot.”


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