Someone Ran On Stage and Tried to Steal the World Darts Championship Trophy During Its Presentation (Video)

2017 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships - Day Fifteen

I don’t know much about competitive darts, but I assume if you’re enough of a darts enthusiast to attend a contest in person, you’re also the type of fella or lady that likes to drink. Which goes a long way in explaining what happened at the World Darts Championship.

After Michael Van Gerwen was pronounced champion, he was presented with a trophy, as champions often are. However, some greedy, likely drunk fan thought that THEY deserved the trophy, so they went on stage to “collect” it.

Here’s the video:

I’m assuming this is the most exciting thing to ever happen in the world of darts.

What’s best here is that security would like nothing more than to take this guy down like a ton of bricks, but he’s holding the most important symbol in the world of darts, which means they have to use either kid gloves or a precision strike. They didn’t really do either, but it was fun to watch the madness unfold as this idiot bumbled around onstage to hold a damn darts trophy.

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