There Were Lots of Drugs Being Passed Around at that Giants Wide Receivers Yacht Party (Video)


After wrapping up the regular season with a win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, the New York Giants receiving corps flew down to Miami, where they partied at a club with Justin Bieber and re-enacted scenes from “I’m on a Boat” with Trey Sonz.

Unfortunately, one thing they did not do was restrict the use of social media by their fellow revellers. As a result, they’re probably all going to be subjected to “random” drug tests from the NFL.

Let’s start with this photo:

Now let’s zoom in on Trey Songz down there in the bottom left corner:


Yep, that’s definitely a joint. According to a source who spoke to Terez Owens, there was a lot of marijuana being smoked on that boat. That source did not specify whether it was the Giants players smoking it, but the NFL is still going to want to look into it.

Then there’s this video:

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Listen closely and you can hear somebody saying, “I can’t take Adderall.” According to Terez Owens, there was a woman on the boat “handing them out like candy,” and the man saying he couldn’t take them was Sterling Shepard.

Now, the fact that Shepard is refusing Adderall is good news, and it bodes well for any investigation that may come of this.

Still, if you’re a Giants fan, you’d probably prefer Odell Beckham and company save any future partying for after the playoffs.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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