Dwight Howard Boos Himself in Orlando, Because if You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em (Video)


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That is Kevin Durant‘s philosophy. And now it seems it is Dwight Howard‘s as well.

On Wednesday, Howard was back in Orlando. That’s where he played the first eight seasons of his career, making six All-Star appearances and winning three Defensive Players of the Year Awards. It’s also where he held an entire NBA team hostage with multiple trade demands, eventually getting his coach fired before heading to L.A. via free agency.

Magic fans? They do not remember the good times. They don’t remember Dwight Howard in a Superman cape dunking from the free-throw line at the Slam Dunk Contest. They remember him dragging their team into a ditch and leaving it for dead. So every time he’s gone back to Orlando—whether it was with the Lakers, or Rockets, or now the Hawks—Magic fans boo the everliving shit out of him. And this week, Howard finally just gave up and started booing with them.

Take a look:

After the game Howard was asked about the booing incident. He proved to be as delusional as ever:

“It’s all good. I had a wonderful eight years here. It didn’t end the way all of us wanted it to end but it’s always good to remember the good things instead of the bad. We had some good moments here and if they boo me, I can’t do nothing but respect it and move on. I enjoyed it here, I enjoyed the fans, the city, and all that. I never had any malice toward the fans here.”

Apparently Charles Barkley‘s attempt at an intervention did not sink in.

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