Rob Gronkowski High School Mixtape Proves Gronk Was Always a Man Among Boys (Video)


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Before he was a Pro Bowl tight end for the New England Patriots, before he was a four-time All-Pro, before he won a Super Bowl ring, before he got a six-year $54 million contract, and even before he was a standout for the Arizona Wildcats, Rob Gronkowski was an absolute beast in high school. And not just on offense, either. In high school Gronk played offense and defense. And whether it was at Williamsville North High School in New York, where Gronk played three years, or at Woodland Hills High School in suburban Pittsburgh, where he played one year, Gronk destroyed pretty much anyone who got in his way. Because he towered over everyone.

Want proof of Gronk’s prowess as a teenage footballer? Well I’ve got some good news. Somebody made a Rob Gronkowski high school mixtape. And it is glorious.

Take a look at this:

Pretty damn amazing, right?

Now, if only we had a mixtape of high school Gronk’s behavior off the field. Seeing how he behaves now as a grown man, with all the twerking and shirtlessness, I can only imagine what he must have been like as a horny high school boy.

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