Adam Silver: ‘NBA May Soon Allow Fans To Pay For Final 5 Minutes of a Game’


In an effort to increase viewership, NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently stated fans may one day be able to pay for just the final five minutes of a basketball game.

During a marathon NBA season of 82 games, most people are not tuning in to watch every single 2+ hour game, but if they have options to tune in during a close contest or career performance, it might be worth witnessing:

“Certainly we’re going from a place where it was one price for an entire season of games,” Silver said, referring to NBA LEAGUE PASS. “Now just in the last two years, we’ve made single games available. But I think you’re going to get to the point where somebody wants to watch the last five minutes of the game, and they go click, they’ll pay a set price for five minutes as opposed to what they would pay for two hours of the game. So I think you’re going to take the same great content, and you’re just going to make it that much more available to people who want it.”

The system would cater to the fans who spend most of their time on the phone or social media sites like Twitter.

“I think it’s going to be a lot easier to watch games on mobile devices,” Silver said.

“I think you’re going to hit the point where for example … you’re on a Twitter feed or you get an alert. I think there will be a lot more sophisticated alerts, and you’ll see ‘I know Sue Bird, I like Sue Bird, Sue Bird’s going for a record-setting game.’ And then you’re going to go click, and then you’re going to get the game.”

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