Kevin Garnett Roasts Charles Barkley For Calling Him a ‘Borderline Hall of Famer’ (Video)


The Inside The NBA crew puts on the best show on television, hands down.  And it got that much better when Kevin Garnett joined the team.

Thursday night, hall of fame player Charles Barkley was in the process of naming all of the other hall of fame players on the show when he took a shot at Kevin Garnett and called him a “borderline Hall of Famer.”

Garnett wasn’t having it and he reminded Barkley quickly that he doesn’t have an NBA Championship ring.

“Champion, it’s all good. I’m a champion too, go ahead,” Garnett said. “Shaq, you’re a champion. Gary (Payton), you’re a champion. You know, Chuck, you’re almost a champion. Borderline champion … ish.”

He then told Shaq to slap the hell out of Barkley for his comments.

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