Bill Simmons Calls Nick Saban a ‘Coward Who Left NFL to Beat Inferior College Teams’ (Audio)

Bill Simmons

Shots Fired.

Bill Simmons, formerly of ESPN and Grantland and currently of The Ringer, went on an absolute tirade on his podcast Friday on former Miami Dolphins and current Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.

He labeled Saban a coward for leaving the NFL to face off against inferior college teams because he couldn’t cut it in the league.

He’s a coward. He left the NFL. He’s a coward. You want to compete against the best. The best coaches aren’t in college, they’re in professional football. He had a chance to go head-to-head against Bill Belichick, the greatest coach of all-time. He didn’t get the quarterback he wanted in Miami, and like a coward he went back to college, where he stays and just beats up on all these inferior college coaches. Congratulations. He’s the guy who plays Madden on rookie level winning the Super Bowl. Come to the NFL, let’s see what kind of coach he is. When he plays golf, does he play from the pink tees? Come to the NFL, let’s see how good you are. ‘Oh I didn’t get Drew Brees in Miami, I’m going back to college. I’m just gonna cherry pick all the best players in the country because I’m the head coach at Alabama.’

Saban went 15-17 in his two seasons with the Miami Dolphins and 2-2 against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

Simmons comments about Saban begin around the 54:13 mark.

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