Packers Introduce Ridiculous New Food Item for 2017 Playoffs—Behold the “Lam-Bowl” (Pic)


While Aaron Rodgers was feasting on the New York Giants secondary at Lambeau on Sunday, Green Bay Packers fans in the stands were feasting on a ridiculous new concession item called the Lam-Bowl.

Introduced as a special for the 2017 playoffs, the Lam-Bowl is the most Wisconsiny thing you’ll ever see. And at a whopping three pounds, if you eat one by yourself, it might be the last thing you’ll ever see.

Here’s the official description, courtesy of Lambeau concession provider Delaware North Sportservice:

“Created exclusively for the playoffs at Lambeau Field, the bowl is filled with three pounds of Green Bay fan favorites: Johnsonville Sausage, Sargento Cheese Curds, Patrick Cudahy Bacon and Tater Tots. It is topped with Leinenkugels Bavarian Dunkel Beer Cheese and Red Cherry Peppers, and sold in a souvenir Lam-Bowl for $10.”

At $3.33 per pound, the Lam-bowl is probably the best deal in pro sports stadium concessions. And if you order with a drink it comes in this incredible, specially designed cup-and-bowl system that is going to revolutionize how we consume unhealthy foods at sporting events.

Seriously. Take a look:

Well done, Packers. Well done.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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