New England Patriots Favored By 14.5 vs. Texans, Highest Playoff Spread Since 1998


Considering Houston only had to make their way through an essentially QB-less Oakland squad, it’s no surprise that they’re underdogs against the mighty Patriots. But did you know that the Pats are the most heavily-favored playoff team since 1998?

Or would it even surprise you to learn that?

The line opened favoring the Patriots by 14.5 and quickly grew to 16 as no one wanted to believe that the Texans could even put up a fight against the juggernaut.

For those keeping score at home (read: gambling), here’s how the Super Bowl odds break down now that we’re down to a field of 8:

Patriots 3-2
Cowboys 9-2
Falcons 6-1
Chiefs 8-1
Steelers 8-1
Seahawks 10-1
Packers 10-1
Texans 40-1

Sure, you could admire how heavily-favored the Pats are. Or you could take a second and realize what truly horrible odds those are for anyone who wants to place money on them.

Bet $100 to win $150? Not the most compelling proposition, is it?

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