Report: Packers WR Jordy Nelson Suffered Two Fractured Ribs (Video)


The Green Bay Packers defeated the New York Giants 38-13 in the Wild Card Game on Sunday, but it came at a steep price as wide receiver Jordy Nelson went down during that game and never returned. Nelson spent the entire night at the hospital with an injury to his ribs.

On Monday, they found out how bad it actually was.

“If he doesn’t practice Saturday, then he won’t play in the game,” McCarthy said regarding Nelson’s chances of suiting up for Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff matchup with the top-seeded Dallas Cowboys.

“Jordy Nelson has a rib injury,” McCarthy said. “Talking with the medical staff, he’s going to be in the rehab group through Friday. And then Saturday, if he can practice, then he may have a chance. But we’re not going to do anything until Saturday. I’ll probably know more about where Jordy stands come Friday.”

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