ESPN Came Back From Commercial Too Early & Caught Bill Walton Talking About Weed (Video)


NBA great Bill Walton is a big proponent of decriminalizing marijuana. And not just because he’s a die-hard fan of the Grateful Dead. Walton has dealt with chronic back and leg pain for most of his adult life. As a result he’s explored every form of pain management known to man, including weed.

On Monday, Walton was a guest on ESPNU’s “ESPN Voices” for their coverage of the National Championship Game, which basically consisted of Walton–dressed in an Uncle Same costume, naturally—hanging out and “watching” the game with Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle, Marcellus Wiley, Jay Bilas, and Keyshawn Johnson. Given the laid-back nature of the broadcast and Walton’s reputation for keeping it real, you knew the basketball legend was going to say some pretty amusing stuff. However, the most amusing thing he said all night was actually something he did not intend to say on camera.

At one point, when ESPNU was coming back from a commercial break, they caught Walton in the middle of a rant about the need to decriminalize marijuana and pardon people who have been sent up the river because of overly harsh laws.

Here’s the exact moment the broadcast came back from commercial:

And here is the rest of Walton’s rant:

That’s quality programming right there. Nice work, everybody.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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