Gronk Convinces Best Friend to Ride Bull, Best Friend Immediately Regrets Listening to Gronk (Video)


In most respects Rob Gronkwoski is probably a great friend. He’s loyal, like a big goofy puppy dog, and he can turn practically any situation into a party. Those are good qualities!

That said, Gronk probably isn’t the guy you want to go to for advice. Just ask his actual best friend Bobby Goons.

Goons and Gronk went to the Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Buck Off at New York’s Madison Square Garden over the weekend. Somehow Gronk convinced his 300-pound BFF to ride a 1,200-pound bull named Lieutenant Dan. And as you can imagine, it did not end well for Goons. He lasted about one second before being bucked off and hitting the ground with every bit of force gravity can apply to a 300-pound man.

Gronk? He thought it was hilarious and immediately began lobbying for Goons to go again because he wanted to beat Chad Ochocinco‘s time. Luckily for Goons, the folks running the rodeo thought one ride was plenty.

Take a look:

Sometimes having Gronk as your BFF means you get to party with drunk chicks on a cruiseliner. And sometimes it means you have to ride a half-ton death machine.

I guess you just have to take the good with the bad.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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