Oh, No: Mike Tyson Has Recorded a Soulja Boy Diss Track (Audio)


The much-hyped (but still unlikely) boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown seems to be taking on a life of its own these days. It seems like everyone in boxing and hip-hop is trying to somehow involve themselves in this ill-advised spectacle.

While Floyd Mayweather’s promotion and training might be old news, we’ve got word that not only is Mike Tyson training Chris Brown (they deserve each other), but he’s also created a diss track against Soulja.

Without further ado…

I guess Tyson’s rapping is about as on-point as Soulja Boy’s boxing. It might not be good, but it’s plenty hilarious.

Word is that Chris Brown’s doing a verse this week as well. You can look for the final product to be released on Tyson’s YouTube page sometime thereafter—that is, if you want to hear more of this stuff.

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