#MuscleRef Was Trending During National Championship Game Thanks to Beefy-Armed Ref Mike Defee (Tweets)


Referee Mike Defee was the talk of the sports world through the first half of last night’s CFP Championship Game. He first came to everyone’s attention because of his bizarre explanation for a stoppage in play. (He said he was paged prior to the snap, as though he had suddenly been transported back to 1997.) But after that all anybody could talk about were Defee’s bronzed biceps, which protruded from his puny little referee shirt like a couple of dew-covered redwood limbs, glistening under the bright lights at Raymond James Stadium.

It all started with tweets like these:


Pretty soon #MuscleRef was trending on Twitter as everybody started cracking jokes about the beefy Mike Defee:


Not many referees get their own hashtag. Enjoy the fame while it lasts, Mike.

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