Tito Ortiz Claims He Knew Rousey Would Lose, Bet $50k Against Her (Video)


While the first Ronda Rousey loss two Novembers ago came as a huge surprise to just about everyone, many more were skeptical about her recent return to the ring. When she fought Nunes on December 30th, it was clear that Rousey was vulnerable, had holes in her game, and was coming off a LONG period of inactivity.

Fighter Tito Ortiz claims that he saw her defeat coming a mile away, and put $50,000 against her in the fight to prove it.

Here he is in a video, breaking down his decision.

It’s good that he got his wager in for this fight, because I don’t think he’s going to find such good odds the next time Rousey fights, should she decide to return to the UFC.

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