Three British Guys Pulling Their Bike From an Electric Fence is HILARIOUS (Video)


I’m not sure how this weird situation came to be, but I shouldn’t really look a gift horse in the mouth. Watching these three (four, if you count the cameraman) dudes try to remove their bike from being entangled in an electric fence is a real joy.

Maybe it’s because the bike in question is a fat bike, which means it’s got huge tires for off-roading. This is terrific because a) it’s funny to look at, and b) it makes their mission to free the bike even harder.

Here’s the clip before we go any further:

They manage to free the thing using sticks, which also makes for some pretty good watchin’, so take a look and bask in their misfortune from the comfort of your desk or couch.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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