Dwight Howard Dabs on Former Teammate Jeremy Lin, Mistakenly Thinks He Is Hilarious (Video)


Nobody really knows the exact origin of dabbing. We know it came out of the Atlanta hip-hop scene, and we know Cam Newton made it famous when he started doing it to celebrate touchdowns during the 2015-16 NFL season. But who exactly invented the dance move remains a mystery.

Of course, at this point you might be thinking, dude, it’s 2017. Why are we still talking about dabbing? And you’re right. Dabbing is definitely not cool any more. It officially died when Roger Goodell started doing it. And it was buried earlier this month when that Congressman’s son dabbed while his dad was being sworn in.

But don’t tell that to Dwight Howard. He still thinks it is hilarious to go in for a handshake with somebody and then dab instead. In fact, on Tuesday night, with the Hawks in Brooklyn taking on the Nets, Howard did that very thing to his former Rockets teammate Jeremy Lin.

Judging from the look on Howard’s face, he was very proud of himself, too. Take a look:


Congratulations, Dwight. You are officially the Michael Scott of the NBA.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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