Floyd Mayweather On His Domestic Violence Allegations: “I’m Still Waiting To See Photos” (Video)

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Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather has been dealing with domestic violence allegations levied against him for years, but never any real concrete evidence.

Floyd was in the process of giving MMA star Ronda Rousey some words of encouragement after her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 when he started to speak about his domestic violence allegations.

“Mayweather denied beating his ex-girlfriend but says, “Am I guilty of restraining someone? Yes. I’m not perfect.”

“God only made one thing perfect … that’s my boxing record.”

He then went on SportsCenter and was asked about those allegations by Cari Champion.

“You know that was in my past,” he said. “And of course, with any situation, when someone talks about domestic violence with a fighter like myself, when they say Floyd was involved with domestic violence, restraining someone? Yes I did that. I’m guilty of restraining.”

“Floyd believes that, if he did attack his ex-girlfriend, there would’ve been photos of her injuries. “As far as stomp, kick and beat a woman, the world would see photos,” Mayweather said. “For so many years, they tried to defeat me in so many different ways as far as negative things but I couldn’t be defeated inside the ring so they tried to defeat me on the outside.” Mayweather added, “I’m still waiting to see photos,” and claiming that he “beat all odds,” which is a terrible choice of words.”

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