Of Course Jim Harbaugh Fell Asleep During the National Championship Game (Video)


For reasons we’re completely uninterested in, Jim Harbaugh was at Vanderbilt for the school’s basketball game against Kentucky.

When a sideline reporter asks him about that amazing National Championship game a couple days ago, Ole’ Harbaugh has to plead ignorance, saying, “I heard it was a great game, I have it TIVO’d, I fell asleep.”

Yup. That sounds like Harbaugh.

Ok, then. Yikes. I guess if he wasn’t going to find his way into the playoffs, he’s just not interested in staying awake past 9:30 to watch the biggest game in his sport’s season.

Also, I’d like to believe that he’s not using “Tivo” generically—that he still has one sitting around that he won’t let go of.

“Why give the cable company an extra $8 per month when I’ve got a perfectly good recording device right here?” he probably says to anyone who will listen.


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