Throwback Thursday: Watch Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney Give Championship Game Hero Hunter Renfrow a Scholarship (Video)

dabo swinney hunter renfrow scholarship

Clemson title game hero Hunter Renfrow is either 5’10” or 5’11” depending on which internet bio you choose to believe, and he weighs in at just 180 pounds. Those are not numbers you associate with elite college football players. Hell, they’re not numbers you associate with elite high school football players. But that’s what makes Renfrow’s story so inspiring. He’s like Rudy, only better.

Coming out of high school, Renfrow had scholarship offers to play baseball and football at a couple schools in the Football Championship Subdivision. However, he declined those offers to pursue his dream of playing for the Clemson Tigers, even though there was no guarantee he would even make the team.

Of course, Renfrow did make the team. He then went on to score two touchdowns in the 2016 CFP Championship Game, and another two in the 2017 CFP Championship Game, including the last-second touchdown that gave Clemson its first championship in over 30 years.

Now that we know how the feel-good story ends, lets go back to the beginning. Here’s the moment in August 2015 that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney awarded Hunter Renfrow a scholarship:

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When Swinney said Renfrow had a bright future, four touchdowns over two title games probably wasn’t what he had in mind. But hey, he’ll take it.

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