Iowa State Kicker Creates Video Honoring All the Twitter Trolls Who Made Him ‘Work Harder’ (Video)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

It’s not often you see a public figure thank all the terrible trolls and haters on social media, but I guess Iowa State kicker Cole Netten is just a little more gracious than most.

After getting off to a rocky start, making less than 75% of his field goals in his first three seasons, he managed to miss just one field goal this season.

To honor all the trolls that made him work a little harder to avoid the shame online, he created this interesting video:

I don’t know this guy well enough to know if this is in earnest, or if there’s a little bit of gloating here, but I assume he’s being genuine. I suppose this is better than trolling them back, which accomplishes nothing and probably just provoked more Twitter trolling.

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