Knicks Twitter Feed Throws Shade at Derrick Rose Over Monday’s Absense (Tweet)

Knicks Twitter Throws Shade at Derrick Rose

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The people running the New York Knicks Twitter feed are pretty salty about Derrick Rose going AWOL on Monday. That, or they’re just really dense.

The main problem with Rose’s absence, as you may recall, was not so much the fact that he had to leave the team to be with his family, but the fact that he didn’t tell anybody he was leaving. So the entire Knicks organization had no idea where Rose was while the team was playing the Pelicans.

On Tuesday, six minutes before the Knicks announced that they were fining Rose for bolting, the team’s official Twitter account ran an ill-advised promo for Amtrak featuring a photo of the guy getting on a train.

On Wednesday, amazingly, they did it again. During halftime of the Knicks’ game against the Wizards, the team tweeted out a photo of D-Rose talking to Carmelo Anthony along with the caption, “Communication is key.”

Take a look:

It’s unclear whether the tweet was intentionally or inadvertently ironic, but it was deleted within minutes and replaced with this:

Come on, Knicks, pull yourselves together!

Hat Tip – [The Sporting News]

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