Randy Moss’ Baby Mother Denies His Claim That She Spent $4 Million on Drugs


At the end of December, former NFL wide receiver & current ESPN commentator Randy Moss took to Twitter to air out some of his dirty laundry about his child’s mother. During his rant of tweets, Moss accused his ex-girlfriend of being a horrible mother as well as blowing almost $4 million of his money on drugs.

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TMZ got in contact with Moss’ baby mother and she denied every allegation thrown her way by the future Hall of Fame WR.

“Randy Moss‘ baby mama is calling BS on the ex-NFL receiver after he claimed she blew $4 MILLION on drugs … telling TMZ Sports, “I’ve been clean for years.”

Moss called out his ex on Twitter last month … claiming the mother of his 5 children refused to get treatment for a drug addiction in order to see her kids.

We spoke to Libby Offutt … who says Moss’ allegations are completely untrue and an attempt to keep her from seeing her children.

“I went to rehab TEN years ago and have been clean ever since,” Offutt says. “He’s just saying that to keep the kids. I’d be dead if I spent $4 million on drugs. Where’s his proof?”

Offutt — who provided us with documentation of recently passed drug tests — says she believes Moss unleashed the Twitter rant because he was upset she tried to connect with the kids around Xmas. 

“I drove 4 hours on the 26th to take my kids their Christmas presents and his wife wouldn’t let me see the kids or even leave their presents for them.”

“He was mad and acted very immature, saying false things that the children are gonna read eventually, subjecting them to more unnecessary emotional stress. And why bash the woman that brought 5 of your children into this world?!”

“He should have respect for me. Not try and publicly harm me.”

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