The Rock Playfully Slams Tom Brady for His Impression of Him on Facebook (Videos)


A few days ago, Tom Brady went to his favorite social media site, Facebook, to post a kinda-funny video pimping out his new line of high-performance sleepwear. The big hook was him calling The Rock out on how he sleeps, impersonating the wrestling and acting star the whole time.

It was more of just a goofy video than it was a serious pitch, as you can see right here:

Well, The Rock, not one to shy away from social media, caught wind of the video and decided to have some fun with it himself, taking Brady to task for his “performance.”

Two rich successful guys having fun with each other with videos on social media.

The Rock ended up wishing Brady good luck in the playoffs and congratulating him on the launch of his new line. Sounds like they’ll be best friends after all.

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