Not Only Do These ECHL Goalies Fight, But One Gets Knocked Out (Video)


Goalies fighting is rare. Goalies fighting each other is even more rare. But two goalies fighting and managing to land a knockout punch is practically unheard of. Yet that’s what went down in the ECHL when the Quad City Mallards took on the Cincinnati Cyclones.

When Quad City goalie Adam Vay laid the smackdown on a Cincinnati player for checking a player behind the net, all hell broke loose. The refs warned the opposing goalie, Michael Houser, to stay in the crease during the madness. Houser disobeyed the refs, met Vay at mid-ice and…got decked with one punch.

Here ya go:

Here’s the majesty from another vantage point:

Man, those pads really didn’t help him here.

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