The First Super Bowl Ad of the Year Shows…Tom Brady Brushing His Teeth? (Video)


Tom Brady’s been on quite a tear this year, trying his best to fill Peyton Manning’s shoes as the biggest shill in the NFL. He had been doing ok (he’s not the personality Peyton is), but this goofy Super Bowl ad, the first of the year, shows that he’s certainly not above going lowbrow to get the job done.

The ad’s for Intel, which may not sound like a star-making sponsor, but you would have said the same for Peyton and Nationwide, right?

Here’s the clip, showing Tom Brady when the cameras aren’t on him, titled, appropriately, “Brady Everyday”:

It ends with Tom Brady going poop, which is something Peyton never did…but maybe that was for the best. We’ve gotta draw a line somewhere.

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