Steve McNair’s Son is Giving Up Basketball For Ballet (Video)

tyler mcnair

Late former Tennessee Titans QB Steve McNair’s son Tyler McNair made a huge decision to quit basketball during his senior year in high school after he had helped the squad to two straight state championships to pursue his love for ballet.

‘I think my dad is OK with my dancing and he would still be proud of me,’

Tyler tried his best to juggle both of his passions at the same time, but it never worked out so he dropped basketball.

“For almost a year, we tried to work on a schedule where I could do both and it never seemed to work out,” McNair said. “Basketball is a big commitment, and dance is such a big commitment.

“Eventually I just decided to just stick with dance because it was something that I thought about all the time,” he said. “Like, I was always trying to work things around dance. And for me, I made it my decision to make it to the next level of dance.”

“I feel like I’m proud to make the decision to dance,” said McNair, the dance team’s first male dancer.

“It shows that boys can be dancers, too,” he said. “It’s not just for girls.

“I can do the same thing they do but make it look masculine and make it look just as precise as they can,” he said.

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