Pats-Steelers Rivalry Already in Full Swing as Pats Reporter Shoves Annoying Steelers Fan on Live TV (Video)


I think at this point, it’s a safe bet that every team in the NFL is a rival of the New England Patriots. But for the next six days, Steelers fans will put themselves in a whole new tier as their team faces off against Bill Belichick’s juggernaut for the AFC title and a trip to the Super Bowl.

That said, the rivalry at play here actually has almost nothing to do with what you see in this video, which just contains some jackass falling into frame to disrupt a newscast.

Is it funny? No. But the reporter’s reaction, a giant shove, certainly is.

Here ya go:

It ALMOST looks like he’s smiling as he pushes the guy away. Almost. What a pro.

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