Mike Tyson’s Dis Track For Soulja Boy Now Has a Terrible Music Video


I’m not sure why Mike Tyson is caught up in this really terrible Soulja Boy-Chris Brown feud, but he is, and he’s now got a music video to match the terrible dis track he laid down earlier against Soulja Boy.

The video features Mike Tyson, girls in bikinis, girls in workout gear, a little person, and…some more girls. Mike’s only in it for a second, which is funny, considering the entire work is two-and-a-half minutes or so. I guess he didn’t have THAT much to say on the track, and there’s only so many models you can get to jump-cut back and forth.

Here it is, in all its terrible majesty:

It sounds like the fight has bounced to Dubai from L.A. or Vegas. Again, I’ll probably have a minor heart attack if this fight actually goes down, but the promotional stuff is funny enough that we’ll have gotten our money’s worth just from that.

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